Every January I go through all my pictures from the previous year and download them on to a JPEG drive.  Nearly 6,000 pics in 2012….  Last night as I prepared to start this endeavor I scrolled through my pictures and noticed several pictures I had yet to share.  With that said you know what the theme of the next few posts will be…

This old truck was discovered out back by Country Boy and his Dad last winter.  CB was anxious to show my friends and I his new-found treasure a few days later when we were out back on a trek.  It was fun to check it all out and imagine what life was like back then when this baby was up and running.

I will savor the days that I can still get away with posting a few pictures of CB.  As he heads into his teen years he is less agreeable to pose for pictures and often says “you better not post that of your blog.”  LOL….God help me!