We’re Back….

So much for taking a break.  Maine Man was looking through my pictures last night and he said “don’t stop blogging, people like what you share.”  I gave it some thought and today I worked at our sister campus (hospital) and I ran into some nurses I worked with for many years in the ER.  They were saying they were recently on my blog….so here I am.

Above is the pigs first day out of the barn.  Yeah for us and them!

Last night when I came home from work Country Boy had cooked pecan pie in a dutch oven over an open fire.  It was delicious!!  Tonight he cooked up a deer stew.  I’m starting to really like his latest hobby!

Yesterday Dolly the goat had two kids. (girls) We were happy with that.  Last year she had 3 bucks.  This baby’s sister is sleeping in the house tonight after MM found her lifeless.  She was hypothermic and not feeding.  She has since perked up and already spoiled rotten bleating when she is not in someones arms.  We hope to put her back with her Momma tomorrow.