Working Hard

The kids have depleted their stash of cash and have been trying to come up with a few ways to build it back up. They made up a bunch of braided dog toys in hopes to sell them this holiday season. So for all you LOCALS with dogs…. the kids are selling braided fleece dog toys for $2.00 each. Call or send us a message and they will even deliver. Yes, Flower Girl is standing on my kitchen table. My mother would flip out if she saw her now. Ha, we like to break the rules 😉

We just don’t hand the kids cash. They get allowance only if they earn it and that does not include the basics such as picking up after themselves and cleaning their rooms weekly. That is just expected! Maine Man & I both have good work ethic and we feel that it is important trait to pass on to our children. To make money you must first earn it!
Next week I’ll be posting on their next adventure to make a little cash this holiday season. This one is going to take a little help from MM & I but I think it will be a fun adventure.
Stay tuned…..