The Accidental Foodie

It was never intentional, it just happened! When we first married dinner consisted of frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, take out, and if Maine Man was really lucky… Shephard’s Pie. Fast forward 15 years later and food has become a HUGE part of my life, as it should be! What else do we do 3-6 times a day? …..EAT. What interests me most is cooking from scratch, eating organic, and local food. The BEST meal to me is a dinner that consists all of food we’ve grown, raised, hunted, and/or foraged for. We are fortunate to have quite a few of those kinds of meals. Don’t get me wrong….I do not eat 100% organic, nor all local, I eat processed crap time and again, and I MUST confess I have a slight addiction to diet pepsi. I’ve quit the “swill” (as MM calls it) three times previously, they say fourth time is a charm, right? Change takes time……..and will power. I’m getting there 😉

Any how the point I am slowly trying to make is about the bread recipe I posted back in November. It is the ONE I have been searching for for years. If you have always aspired to have a fresh loaf of bread in your bread box, you MUST give this a try! I can’t even began to tell you how many loaves I have baked over the last month. It is EASY…just takes a little planning. CHEAP… literally cost pennies. Not sure about your neck the woods but at the farmer’s market a loaf of bread like this goes for $5. And above all DELICIOUS….Flower Girl refuses to eat store bought bread…LOL.

In addition to bread I now set aside a batch once a week to make pizzas from. I prepare as I would for bread except I split the dough (blob) in half prior to rising. After rising I refrigerate if I am not going to use immediately. I will admit the dough is a little tricky to work with due to it’s consistency, the shape is not always perfect but I assure you it is always super tasty.
Now if you take my advice before long you will be eliminating bread & pizza crust (frozen pizza) off your grocery list. Not sure about you but stuff like that EXCITES me. I love walking past the egg cooler, the meat section, baked goodies, pickles, produce etc when my cupboards, freezers, and pantry are right packed full of the real deal.

Just saying…..give it a try!