What Makes Me Tick ~day 13

A couple months back I was talking with one of the doctors at work who loves to cook. He said “I love to cook because food makes people happy and I like making people happy.”
I couldn’t have said it better. So true!
I thought about posting this tonight while I was making Flower Girl a batch of soup at 8pm for her lunch tomorrow. She wanted no part in bringing in a little can of Campbell’s. I’ve created a monster 😉 After the ROUGH week I’ve had what I really wanted to do was kick back but sometimes you just do things out of love.
In the end it always pays off. When I came up to bed she had a glass of ice water on my bedside table, and “I Love You” stick-it note on my computer, she had folded and put away the laundry that was on my bed, and a BIG thanks for making her soup.
And it also helps when Maine Man says things like…….
“I love that you love to cook. I love that you cook with the kids. And I love to eat the food you cook”
If he only knew I wrote down what he said to me way back on 12/31….I’m not to be trusted, lol. God I love that man!