Cruel April Fools Joke!

Yesterday we had yet another snowfall, up near 10 inches in our region.

How cruel! The night before we were playing a game of baseball in the back field.

Today we are shoveling and making our way through knee deep snow to collect sap to boil down more syrup. One thing I can say for sure, it has been one hell of a maple syrup season! I will do one more post on that topic for those that requested seeing the whole process. We only do a small operation, just enough for us. The way we do it requires very little effort so we never tire of the process. Many hours of Maine Man shedding lots of blood, sweat, and tears. 🙂

Appreciate ALL his hard work!

My first accident which happened on my way home from work yesterday afternoon. Not the first I’ve been in, but a first when I was driving. Humbling EVENT to say the least!

I walked away with a broken pride, sore nose & neck from the air bag and a couple facial abrasions. Glad there was no cars coming from the other way. Instead it was me vs. guardrail, I am ok with that.

My farmer friend was at the scene within minutes and stayed with me until they towed my vehicle back to my house. SO THANKFUL to have him in my life! At moments like these the support of loved ones is what you need most.

Instead of dwelling on the series of unfortunate events I’ve had so far this year I will look at the positive. I now have dodged two bullets this year. I am just thankful to have woken up this morning in my own bed. Then cooked these little monkeys WHATEVER they wanted for breakfast and had the ability to pick up their little mess here and there. And no I didn’t even complain!