Bad to the Bone!

Last Sunday, Mother’s Day Bob FINALLY met his maker. He was the farm bully and everyone feared him except Maine Man. Bob didn’t mess with MM very often, only tangled with him on rare occasions. His near death experiences reminded him to stay clear of MM. However he picked on everyone else and I was his #1 target, he made me cry on more than one occassion. So basically if you planned on being within 8 feet of him you’d best have a weapon although that did not always stop him. Really… he has attacked me with a pitch fork in hand. He’s picked on the kids, both my parents knocking my mom to the ground and he once left a spur in my already injured father’s leg. We gave him away once with fair warning and by the end of the summer he returned. As of lately he had become more aggressive running rapidly from afar unexpectedly and I had ENOUGH! That morning I awoken to Flower Girl screaming “Boooooooob“. She was out picking fresh eggs to cook me breakfast in bed. Country Boy came up to my room and I said “kill him”. With no resistance CB went out and did the deed. They skinned him and he & all the fixings were in the crock pot by 9 am. After all day simmering he was tough as heck. I feed out what meat I could pull off the bones to the dogs. I’m sure our Boxer, Rona took great pleasure in eating Bob because she often fell victim of his violent attacks. The broth I saved for soup stock. Tonight I cooked up a DELICIOUS Asparagus Bisque and the rest I froze. The recipe came from this Bed & Breakfast web site for anybody that is interested. (under lunch then soups). Some of the asparagus came from our garden (first time ever!!) and since I did not have enough some was store bought 🙂
It has taken a little getting use to not being guarded in the farm yard but it has been a pleasure!