Making Goats Milk Cheese


This is my first attempt posting using Windows Live Writer so bear with me, blogger has has some issues lately so I figured I’d try something different.  This past winter I gave one of my neighbors a Muscovy (not live, the ready for the oven kind).  In trade she said she’d give me some goat milk come Spring when her does were freshened.  She did just that!  With that milk I made goat cheese and Maine Man absolutely loved it.  He has recently figured out he has issues with milk products yet this cheese I’d created did not bother his gut.  Long story short……we purchased a goat.  Another one of those things I’d said I would never do again…LOL.  Her name is Dolly.  We are not quite sure what breed she is, maybe an Alpine/Nubian mix.  Regardless she is a big girl and she is sweet as ever and we’ve really enjoyed having her around.  She is producing between 1 – 1 1/2 quarts twice a day.  EXCITING….scratch another item off my grocery list ….MILK.  Besides using it for cooking & drinking I’ve only used it to make this cheese.  It is a FAVORITE with MM & Flower Girl and I like it too.  It’s also Wicked EASY to make so that helps.  IMG_5039r

  • Slowly heat milk to 185 degrees
  • Add 1/4 cup of vinegar
  • Keep temp @ 185 stirring occasionally for 10-15 minutes.  Soft curds will form.
  • Line strainer with cheesecloth then pour curds/liquid into strainer (remove liquid)
  • Sprinkle cheese with salt (I use a coarse sea salt)
  • Tie corners of cheesecloth together and hang allowing it to drip for a few hours.
  • Add seasonings (dill, pepper, and/or garlic) if desired
  • Break up with fork & refrigerate