Not in a million years…..


……Did I ever imagine I’d have an outhouse in my back yard.  Let alone one that we’d use on a daily basis.  LOL, my oh my how times change.  Back when I was a teen my Dad bought a place up north and as they renovated from a camp into a home the outhouse was their only means of a bathroom.  I must admit it was one of my least favorite parts of going up there for visits.  Thankfully there was a campground just up the road that we could shower at for $1.00.

Here is how it happened ….  I was chatting with my farmer friend about the upcoming pig roast we were planning.  I casually mentioned that I was planning on renting a port-a-potty.  He inquired about the cost,  I gave a guess of what I thought it may be and he sharply replied “I’ll build you an outhouse.”  My initial thought was “I don’t want an outhouse in my back yard”  but amazingly I kept my mouth shut and did not share my thoughts with him. 

The next time I visited he was sawing wood with his saw mill and within a month or so I had a permanent port-a-potty at the cost of a couple hinges and a lock and lots of labor from my farmer friend.  Maine Man brought it home & he and the girls (Flower Girl & our Fresh Air Child) stained it. (and

It was a hit at the party and saved my septic system BIG time!  Funny thing is we use it daily.  With the gardens, pool , and animals we all tend to spend a good amount of time outside.  Crazy, who would of thought I’d have a outhouse and LOVE IT?