Cider Pressing Party

IMG_7229rI am finally sitting down to write this post after an eventful day to say the least.  More about today in a future post.  Some days I am sure we could bring some cash in as reality show.  Regardless, the house is finally QUIET & clean! Well, for the most part.  I have certain criteria that must be met before bed …dishes, counters, floors washed.  Notice folding laundry and clean kids rooms are not on this list. LOL 

IMG_7210rBack to my original story….last weekend we hosted our first annual cider pressing party.  The weather was beautiful and it was well attended by friends & family. 

Please excuse the shadowing of the pictures.  The sun was nice & warm but made picture taking a bit challenging.  Kind of entertaining to look back at these pictures from last Sunday because today we received about 6 inches of snow and the conditions were brisk & windy.  Kids will be wearing boots and snowsuits out trick or treating tomorrow night.  I do not ever remember seeing snow this early in the season.  IMG_7216rIMG_7228rFor the last couple years I have pressed apples at my friend’s house just across the river.  Here are posts from 2009 and 2010 if you have any desire to look back.  Last year my farmer friend attended so he could  check out her operation….this year he made me my very own cider press.

IMG_7234rIsn’t it a BEAUTY?

This is definitely one of the nicest things I have ever received. I will FOREVER cherish this gift!

Not only did he make this without plans, he sawed the lumber with his mill.

IMG_7235rMy farmer friend…one AMAZING man!IMG_7236rDolly & my nieceIMG_7253rBiker Stacy, Dolly & Country BoyIMG_7243rMaine Man’s baby begging for food.  It’s about the ONLY time you’ll see her sitting still when she is outside.  IMG_7259rMy SIL’s cool jug full over cider.  It’s perfect!IMG_7263rIMG_7265rIMG_7269rAunt JIMG_7270rQuite a crowdIMG_7287Friend of the family …but now I’d dare say she’s  becoming more and more like family.IMG_7290rCousins at play…..LOVE these shotsIMG_7294rIMG_7295rIMG_7305rIMG_7306rIMG_7307rIMG_7308rIMG_7309rIMG_7311rIMG_7312r

Mission Accomplished!