I am happily married mom of two great kids. My husband and I both work as nurses. I had been continuing my education since graduating from nursing school with an ultimate goal of becoming a nurse anesthetist. In December of 2006 we purchased a 200 year old farm house with 100 acres. This move has forever changed my path in life. After 1 year of living at the farm I decided to stop taking classes and give my family and this farm 100%! I am a very driven person and must always be working towards a goal and there is lots to do here. I’m very excited to finally be at this point in my life!

I blog about our life on a small farm.  We raise most the meat we eat in addition to many vegetables.  My husband aka “Maine Man” tends multiple gardens including a 50ft greenhouse filled with raised beds.  Tonight we ate lettuce, carrots, beets, and bok choy from it….not bad for mid November in Maine.  I also blog about cooking, crafts, adventures.  Whatever I am passionate about in the moment including but not limited to bread making, cheese making, canning, pressing cider and such.